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The Group MPP Corporation Executive Staff

The Group MPP Corporation’s management has collective Experience in The motion picture and Television industry that spans over a forty (40) year period of time from Directors, producers and writers and production staff. Please find below a list of Film projects of which our people have been a part of.

Lee Andrew Myers
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer The Group MPP Corporation
Through Mr. Myers experience in working with various celebrities, Mr. Myers became involved in promoting successful charity events such as: Dishes Pediatric AIDS Foundation, the Supermodel Olympic Games, Cinderella’s Masquerade Ball, John T. Mather Memorial Hospital’s Breast Cancer Fundraiser, Hawaiian Tropics Super Model Search and Red Flag Production for several high profile events in the Hampton's and throughout New York State. In 2007, Mr. Myers developed The Group MPP concept and incorporated the company, taking on the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the business. Mr. Myers is also a the owner of The Group MPP Corporation, where he also provides product placement and co-branding services to companies such as: Windjammer Cruises, Tofutti Brand Ice-cream, The All American Football League, Raymond Waites Design and Dave Egbert The Coastal Gardener/Garden Travels (which is syndicated in over 90 million homes). Mr. Myers is also former a literary theatrical agent. Mr. Myers is an accomplished scriptwriter with seven screenplays registered with the Screen Writers’ Guild West, and others in development for The Group MPP. Mr. Myers also heads up the packaging and development department of TGMPP and has several relationships with matching fund companies in the U.S., Canada and U.K. Working as a script consultant; he is constantly approached by writers and production companies to work script technique. Involved in the entertainment industry for over 15 years, Lee Andrew is aware that every day may bring a challenge just waiting to be conquered, in the industry he loves the Motion Picture Business and is prepared to take on the challenges that comes with this, highly competitive industry. At lam@thegroupmpp.com
Scott Pendarvis President The Group MPP Corporation USA
Scott Pendarvis hails from Louisiana, but has lived in Georgia long enough to qualify as a native, and attended Armstrong college in Savannah Georgia, majoring in computer science. Immediately after college, Scott seized on an opportunity with an associate, and started his own business in the video production world. As the business grew so did his experience with every aspect of production from editing, shooting, lighting, scripting, sales, and management of varies film and television project.
Over the years Scott has developed relationships with various agencies and corporate giants such as: CSXT, Georgia Pacific and Comcast. He also worked with various Fortune 500 companies to produce national commercials. He also worked closely with Homeland Security to produce classified training for instructors with CBP and ICE. In 2005, (with the help of one his business associates) he produced, directed, and wrote his first feature film in Southeast Georgia. A very prolific writer, Scott has four other scripts in various stages of development.
Over the years, Scott learned that working with the best people in the business provided him with a better product, and it increased his business exponentially. As his business turned more toward film production, he began working with Lee Andrew Myers of The Group MPP on several film projects that eventually turned into a finely tuned partnership. At

Brian R. Meeke President of The Group MPP Corporation Canada
Mr. Meeke graduated from the University of Waterloo where he majored in Mathematics and Computer Science.  He is a detail-oriented, practical minded senior executive with an extensive Management, Finance, Sales, IT & Professional Services background.   Mr. Meeke comes to The Group MPP with a very strong analytical foundation and a keen eye to opportunities in business, based on his broad experience and in-depth analysis of financial data as well as budgeting & planning systems.  He also brings over 25 years of experience negotiating multi-million dollar contracts and legal agreements.
In the early days of the Internet, Mr. Meeke worked very closely with Billboard Magazine in New York City where they collected, compiled and analyzed data from record stores, radio stations and department stores from across the United States. This involved a large team of people that literally called records stores, record jobbers, department stores and radio stations to find out what was gaining in popularity and what was fading.  This is the data that became the weekly Billboard Music charts.  Previews of the weekly charts were transmitted electronically to major record labels such as Deutsche Grammophon, RCA Victor, Columbia, and Motown just to name a few.  This is where senior executives made strategic adjustments to their marketing and sales campaigns based on real data that was going to be highlighted in the next issue of Billboard Magazine.
Mr. Meeke was later hired by a Chicago based corporation that specializes in data collection and data analysis where he later became a Practice Director for Oracle Canada and built and managed a large team of consultants spread across the country.   Mr. Meeke was the National Service Line Leader for Oracle’s Business Intelligence product suite which is the analysis of the data versus a mere presentation of the numbers with no understanding about what the data really means.    In this capacity, Mr. Meeke also acted as an international trouble-shooter who worked extensively with senior executives (CEO, COO, CFO, VP Finance, VP Sales, etc.) of major Fortune 500 clients such as Labatt Breweries, Sony, Kraft Foods, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, and Barclays Bank.  Based in Canada, Mr. Meeke actively engaged with clients in Canada, the U.S., Mexico and the United Kingdom where he helped senior executives understand their business and the factors that were impacting their Revenues, Margin, and ROI.
At brian@thegroupmpp.com 

Russell E. Berge Vice President of The Group MPP Corporation
Mr. Berge originally, from North Dakota, Russ migrated south to attend Florida Southern College where he majored in Political Science with a Minor in Russian History. Russ settled in Florida after a stint in the Navy, and became a Legislative Assistant. Working in the Florida House and Senate to provide constituent issue resolution he researched and wrote legislation, helped guide Bills through the process of becoming law and provided expert testimony to various State House and Senate committees. A former registered medical lobbyist who left his work in Washington on behalf of medical professionals in Florida to work in the re-development of trophy properties in East Hampton, New York, and Palm Beach, Florida. He works closely with his design partners in seeking design elements and developing conceptual designs in the residential and hospitality segments. As CEO of REMIX, Managing Director of New Vintage Gallery and Partner in Design Solutions, Russ has been instrumental in creating an elegant offering of residential and hospitality furnishings that is in the forefront of design innovation and execution. As Managing Partner of Vintage Properties his focus is property acquisition in the US, Europe and Scandinavia.
As a Registered Lobbyist in the late 1970’s and mid-1980’s, Russ lobbied various city, state and federal committees to ensure the best medical care was available to the Florida public. He worked with the medical community and public to remedy an oppressive medical liability and malpractice insurance system that drove medical professionals out of the state and in some cases out of practice. His lobbying activities took Russ to Washington, DC and Chicago, IL, where he worked with the American Medical Association and various political action committees in an effort to provide a balanced system that protected the public without applying crippling costs to medical professionals.
With multi business affiliation, Mr. Berge’s ability to take a small idea and grow it into a multimedia opportunity and viable business co-braining relationship adds to the strength of The Group MPP co-ventures partnerships. At russ@thegroupmpp.com

Johnathan Adair Chief Operating Officer The Group MPP Corporation
Johnathan Adair is a seasoned veteran in the entertainment industry who, over the past 20 years, has built a vast depth of experience and relationships in multiple facets of the entertainment business. Johnathan’s background includes post at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Pictures, The Walt Disney Company, Sony Music and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. At Sony Pictures, Johnathan guided the marketing efforts for the company’s licensed consumer products division including the blockbuster Spiderman 2, which broke both box office and licensed sales records. At Universal Pictures, Johnathan ran the worldwide marketing operations for Universal Home Entertainment Productions delivering over $120 million in annual revenue.
Amongst his many successes, Johnathan led the re-release strategy for The Land Before Time franchise, which has generated over$1 billion in retail sales and sold over 50 million units worldwide. In addition Johnathan also led the marketing campaigns for the releases of Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice (Stephen Baldwin, Gary Busey), The Skulls II (Robin Dunne, Nathan West), Tremors 3: Back to Perfection (Michael Gross), Beethoven’s 4th (Judge Reinhold, Julia Sweeney),Time Cop 2 (Jason Scott Lee, Thomas Ian Griffith), K9 P.I. (Jim Belushi), The Unsaid (Andy Garcia), Hitcher II: I’ve Been Waiting (Jake Busey, Kari Wuhrer), Paper Soldiers (Kevin Hart, Beanie Sigel, Michael Rapaport, Jay-Z), Hoodrat (Isaiah Washington, Ice T), The Mummy: Quest For The Lost Scrolls and Charlotte’s Web 2. Johnathan’s role at Universal also expanded into television where he developed the marketing and promotional strategies, in conjunction with Kids’ WB!, for the first season of The Mummy animated TV series. The series ranked 2nd among all animated series in Boys 6-11.
While at the Walt Disney Company, Johnathan directed the consumer products marketing and promotional strategies for the Winnie The Pooh and Mickey Mouse brands –representing over $1 billion in worldwide sales – and Disney’s television and live action film properties including Armageddon and Inspector Gadget, ABC’s 1 Saturday Morning block of programming, Disney Channel programs, and non-Disney branded properties such as J.J. Abrams’ Felicity and Eddie Murphy’s The PJ's.
An accomplished and award winning violinist and pianist, Johnathan headed the marketing and communications divisions of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association where he delivered an unprecedented $50 million in annual revenue. Johnathan began his career at Sony Music where he served in the business affairs, marketing and A&R divisions. Johnathan is a graduate with honours from Harvard. At
Bob Johnston Production Manager/ Executive Producer of The Group MPP Corporation
Mr. Johnston now heads-up the production management department for The Group MPP, Corporation, overseeing all projects for the company. Bob Johnston is a 30-year veteran of the entertainment production and marketing industry. He began his career managing all aspects of Live Event Production, Marketing and Promotion and quickly transitioned into the production management of Television programs, Commercials and Feature Films, while directing Corporate Video projects and Multi-Camera Music events and single camera Music Video programming. His Feature Film production responsibilities have included duties such as Line Producer, Production Manager and Technical Director. Bob has been responsible for the budgeting & scheduling and the development of over 40 Features, 30 Television shows, 35 Commercials, 20 Music Videos and over 1000 Live Event projects in locations all over the world.
With this worldwide network of international production resources and locations at his disposal, Bob is frequently contracted as a development consultant by other producers to help generate operational plans, schedules and budgets for new programming ventures. Some of his collaborations include 1492 Pictures, 19 Entertainment, Disney, DreamWorks, Fox, Imagine, IMAX, Paramount, Twentieth Television, Walden Media. Paradise FX and numerous other independent companies.
Additionally, Bob has spent decades monitoring trends and developing new content for emerging media platforms. Weaving this knowledge with international production experience, Bob now consults on the transition of emerging digital technologies into existing and new production logistics and post-production workflows on many 2D and 3D Content Projects for Live Events, Feature Films and Home TV programming.
Bob is based in Los Angeles and is involved in designing new business models for the production, distribution and exhibition of new 3D and 2D programming as a Media Strategist in new content development.
He is also involved as an Executive Producer or Consulting Producer on many projects slated for traditional theatrical and television distribution as well as newly created social environment exhibition models. As a member of the Director's Guild of America he served on it's New Technology Committee and as an Independent 3D Producer he has served on the start-up committee for the "3D@Home" industry consortium, a manufacturer's, content producers and distribution technologies group that is formulating distribution plans for this new immersive medium.
Bob has also been a guest speaker or panelist at many 3D industry symposiums and conferences including the Berlin Film Lectures, the Panasonic UK 3D TV press event at Air Studios in London, in addition to the 3D NEXT, Media Xchange, and Nxt Wave conferences in Los Angeles.

Some of Bob credits include: A Round the World in 80 Days, Alien Resurrection, Double Jeopardy, Big Bad Love, The Rising Place, The Wood, The Arrival, Fluke, The Cemetery Club, The Big Easy, and Avenging Force. 

Recent Experience in the Emerging 3D Market: Some of the completed 3D narrative project of which Mr. Johnston was involved in include: Street Dance 3D, Hannah Montana 3D, My Bloody Valentine 3D, The Hole 3D, Drive Angry 3D, Dark Country 3D, and Jackass 3D. At bob@thegroupmpp.com  


Raymond Waites Executive Producer Set Design The Group MPP Corporation
Mr. Waites is head of Set Design and Decoration department, oversee the building of sets for Motion Pictures, Television Series and Television Commercials for The Group MPP. Raymond Waites, is recognized as the "father of the American Country Movement" he was born in Demopolis, Alabama. Demopolis was founded as a French colony by the Napoleon Court in 1817 and was originally called The Vine and Olive Colony.  The early founders intended to grow olive and grapes to export to France. Within a short period of time the French settlers were building neo-classical homes, this architectural heritage has been the foundation of Raymond’s style. Raymond attended high school in Demopolis where he play Football. After graduation Raymond entered Auburn University where he joined Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, honors included Phi Kappa Phi and the President's award as the top graduate of the school of arts & Architecture. After Graduation Mr. Waites worked at the Columbus Ledger and enquirer newspaper, he applied and received full graduate scholarship to Pratt Institute which brought him to New York City, many opportunities opened during the early years working in the publishing industry where Raymond won numerous art direction and American publishing society awards for his design work in the publishing industry.

Raymond was introduced to the world of contemporary home furnishings at Design Research (DR) in New York. DR had been founded by Mr. Ben Thompson, head of School of Architecture at Harvard University. This important modern retail environment was the center of architecture and designers and fashion leaders in America. Through this exposure Raymond met and became close friends with Army and Ristomatti Ratia, the founders and owners of Marimekko Oy in Finland, thru this relationship Mr. Waites became creative VP of DR and later lived in Finland working with Marimekko Oy developing fashions and home fashions for the American Market. After several years in Europe Raymond returned to New York where he founded his first company Gear Holdings, Inc., to develop the American country design movement. After 15 years at Gear Raymond founded Raymond Waites Design, inc., as a design laboratory for total home furnishings for America and Europe. Raymond Waites is recognized as the leader and founder of the American Country movement in home furnishings in the 1980’s. Raymond Waites acceptance of his design philosophy is represented by $4.5 billion, at retail, of branded and private label products throughout his career.
Raymond Waites is currently on the Design Advisory Board at Auburn and the Fashion Institute of Technology and Kent State University. Raymond graduated with honors in Visual Arts from Auburn University. Raymond was also a Graduate Fellow at Pratt Institute. The Legislature of his home state of Alabama has declared “Raymond Waites Day” inhonor of Raymond Waites contributions to the Home Industry in America. Raymond has written six books, and heads a scholarship fund through the International Furnishings and Design Association, a national trade association that represents furnishings and design professionals. At raymond@thegroupmpp.com  

Richard T. Davidson
Literary Director The Group MPP Corporation
Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Rich started his career in the film industry with the Local 817 Theatrical Teamsters Union working along side such talent as Adam Sandler, Meryl Streep, Danny Glover, Luke and Owen Wilson, Gene Hackman, Ben Stiller, Gwyneth Paltrow, Bill Murray, Wynona Rider, Gina Davis, James Gandolfini, Alec Baldwin and Anjelica Houston. Mr. Davidson is the Literary Director of TGMPP and handles all aspects of script creation and modification. Writing comes naturally for Rich; at an early age he had some of his poetry published. Recently, he received an Editor’s Choice Award for the International Library of Poetry. Having had his experience with such “A” list celebrities has inspired him to go forward in the industry with a deep philosophy and commitment to his writing and creative ability. A simple philosophy of the team concept will achieve all.

In 2007, Mr. Davidson collaborated and found a home with The Group MPP, Corporation. Spearheading a series of collaborations with TGMPP currently in development for theatrical release in 2014, Richard brings to TGMPP a visionary and style of writing that is lost in most writers today. With a “no nonsense” approach, Mr. Davidson leads TGMPP’s literary division into the future. At rich@thegroupmpp.com

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