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                       Product Placement Opportunities & History
From its earliest days, there has existed in the film business a delicate balance between the interests of art and commerce. Nowhere in the motion picture industry is this precarious marriage more readily apparent than in the practice of product placement. Product placement occurs when a name brand consumer product is used as a prop in a film. The corporate marketers desire the unique, high-profile exposure of their products and the resulting implied endorsements. The studios, on the other hand, benefit through associated cost-reductions, corporate-sponsorship, movie promotions and co-branding relationships.
Types of Product Placement.
There are three basic types of product placement: visual, spoken and usage. A visual placement occurs when a product, service or logo can simply be observed. A spoken placement occurs when an actor or off-screen voice mentions a product, service or corporation. A usage placement occurs when an actor actually handles or interacts with a product, service or corporation. A placement which involves usage often includes both a visual and spoken element as well. This last scenario is the one that is most desired by companies.
The Benefits to Corporate Implied Endorsements.
Product Placement rarely uses a hard-sell approach to showcase a product in motion pictures. Corporate marketers must, therefore, rely on more subtle methods of communicating a message to their consumers. An implied endorsement is perhaps the most powerful mechanism by which corporations can deliver a message to the audience through a placement.
One significant advantage of product placement is that these implied endorsements are often made by major actors who frequently do not appear in television commercials. Such scenes are inevitably going to appear with the resulting endorsements taking place.
Far Reaching (Long Life & Global).
Another advantage of product placement is its far reach. The vast reach of product placement can be attributed to the ever-expanding global distribution channels for feature films. The normal distribution for a studio feature starts with an initial high-profile domestic theatrical release on over a thousand and sometimes up to five thousand screens across the U.S. and Canada. The "domestic theatrical" run lasts a few weeks to several months, and studio films typically reach tens of millions of people.
Next, an international theatrical run takes place, normally a few months later, followed by numerous ancillary markets including home video/DVD, pay-per-view, and premium cable channels, finally broadcast television. Each of these distribution channels allows for further opportunities for the film to be seen and for the product placement to be observed, which, in turn, increases both its reach and frequency.
In addition, unlike a TV commercial which appears only during a particular program and then vanishes unless another fee is paid, product placement is imbedded within the film and travels with it. The actual life of a placement, therefore, is extremely long and as long as people continue to view the film, the placement continues to receive exposure. Product placement, as a result, is basically forever. Therefore, with one effort you can reach millions around the world, forever.
How You Can Participate
There are many levels of product placement promotion, ranging from background set dressing to exclusive products used by the stars. We will work with you to find the exposure level that fits your needs and budget.
There are five tiers of product exposure, each with its own price structure:
1. Product Participant -This is the classic product placement used by most producers. It is merely the representation of your product on screen. It normally qualifies as set dressing. The only way it could be identified would be if you already know it was there. This entry level is useful for back marketing with your
own advertising and marketing departments.
2. Corporate Representation -Your company or product logo will be displayed in various places throughout the project. Although it is not spoken in the script, your logo and product may be seen in a variety of places throughout the film, including on T-Shirts, billboards or perhaps a truck in the background.
3. Star Action -The principal talent in the feature will be using your product. Your product will appear prominently with the talent. This supplies the coveted implied star endorsement that can be used effectively in your own advertising campaigns.
4. Custom Scripting -In addition to your logo and product appearing in the film used by the lead talent, your product will be verbally declared by name in the project; in some cases principal talent could even represent your company as an employee in the film. The script will contain references to your product and brand position statement. This level of exposure is prime for advertising commercials, sound bites and radio promotion. This is a most effective form of promotion; it strikes the audience repeatedly on multiple levels, allowing for greater exposure and impact of your brand positioning.
5. Exclusivity -This level of exposure takes the competition out of the picture, quite literally. Exclusivity exists on all levels. You can choose to be the only product of your type displayed; you can choose to be the only product actually used by the stars of the project; you can even be the sole exclusive line seen, used and heard through out the project.

The Group MPP, is a company that gives you, the client, individual attention, putting your company right in the heart of the process by customizing creative marketing solutions to best suit your company's needs, thus streamlining the communication process for a unique flow of information and ideas. We are able to give our clients the most competitive value for their money, allowing the best utilization of a product's viewing exposure for your company.
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