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                                                                          Television Projects.
Mad TV Red Foxx Skit, Profiler, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, ER, Zima Basketball Commercial, The PJ's, The X-Files, Cleopatra 2025, Dune Miniseries StarGate SG-I, Charmed, Crusade, Roswell, Sex in the City, The Sopranos Law and Order, The Muppet Show and the Emmy award-winning HBO series Angels in America.
Nationally Syndicated Series and Specials.
Cars and Parts TV on SpeedVision (1996-1999) Hosted by Gary Sandy; "Compeer OTO" on Lifetime with Sally Jessie Raphael and on CNBC (2002-2003) Eye on Ecology on CBS (1995) hosted by Appolonia of Prince fame, Dody's Dream (portraying a woman's goal of donating Millions of dollars to four major charities) hosted by Linda Evans, Beyond the Supernatural (1990-1996), a nationally syndicated 3-hour live radio broadcast that aired weekly.
National Television Commercials.
GM with President/CEO Rick Wagoner, Cellular One with John James Honda Accord, Chrysler, Dutch Boy Paints Products, Harbor Ridge in Florida, Golf Pro Week, Castro Convertibles Ping Golf, Hathaway Golf with Corey Pavin.
The Group MPP with the right blend of people TGM has been, and will continue to be successful in the Television and Commercials Production Industry. For more information, plaese contact our executive staff. 




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