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The Group MPP (TGM) looks forward to posting new project updates in this area of our website for the 2014 and upcoming 2015. Our company encourages you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube, for News, Product Placement, Production Schedules and Events


The Group MPP (TGM) announces today that it has successfully completed a deal to be the producer’s representatives for three (3) projects with Animated Family Films for sales in the international market. The films that we are currently representing for Animated Family Films are: Lion of Judah, Tugger the Jeep and Once upon a Stable. We are excited and looking forward to working with Animated Family Films and believe that their company represents family friendly quality products which appeals to TGM. TGM has also joint ventured with Animated Family Films to produce their up and coming epic animated 3-D Film An Africa Tale.
Animated Family Films; We are happy to announce our Joint Venture Agreement with The Group MPP on various of our animated feature films. Animated Family Films have been in the production and distribution of animated films for the past 8 years. In conjunction with our South African based Studio, Animated Family Films, a Florida-based company, have produced a variety of animated films, such as “Tugger the Jeep”, “Once Upon A Stable”, and our latest feature film “The Lion of Judah”. The Lion of Judah is at present being distributed through Warner Bros and AMG-Films worldwide.
Animated Family Films have just concluded a deal with TheGroup MPP for distribution of its existing projects and funding of its latest movie “An African Tale”. An African Tale is a $30 million feature film and has been described in the film industry as “Freaky Friday meets the Lion King”!
An African Tale will have a top cast of voice-over artists. Pre-Production of “An African Tale” has already taken place and the company will shortly begin production. We believe that An African Tale will be a great success in the Box Office, matching the return
of movies like Shrek and Ice Age. “An African Tale” is the first 3D animated feature film to be produced in more than 550 layers of animation! Our team understands the African animals and have been studying their behavior for some time now. This is a great plus on making such an outstanding feature animation. The movie will have a unique feel of “African blend with Hollywood style”. The music will be a blend of African and Modern music, befitting for such an Epic movie.Please see trailer on our website and for more information contact us.

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