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                         Movie Print & Advertising Points
The following information is The Group MPP (3 to 1) Print & Advertising fund. It is being presented to clarify the deal points for motion picture distribution through The Group MPP. If you’re a producer with a completed film or a film in development, TGMPP can facilitate a minimum release of 100 screens, and a maximum release of 1,600 screens for a first initial run with our 3 to 1 P&A fund. For every dollar you place in the fund, TGMPP will triple it in media advertising dollars. Please observe below TGMPP criteria, for our participation in your film project.
1.The films must be completed with “Chain-of-Title” documentation regarding the acquisition of rights, along with all related amendments, and contractual agreements between the various parties. Including, but not limited to, the LLC presenting the project, and all other financiers of the Film.
2.The producers will use TGMPP distribution channels.
3.TGMPP will have approval of the final cut of the Film along with all sales, marketing, and promotional materials including, but not limited to, the trailer, television spots (i.e.,15 and 30 seconds), one-sheet poster, banners, standees, and other related marketing materials.
4.TGMPP will provide the prints for the film through its partners and affiliates.
5.TGMPP will act as sales agents for the film, and book theaters with a distribution company.
6.TGMPP shall be granted a first security interest in the Film in all worldwide media, known or unknown, in perpetuity, until the P&A fund is fully recouped.
7.TGMPP will be contractually entitled to recoup ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT (125%) of the advertising fund on a first-priority basis from worldwide revenues in any and all media.
None of the information on this website is designed to memorialize an understanding between us; it is designed to serve as talking points until a full pledge contract is drafted. Please contact TGMPP executive staff for more information. 
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