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                                  Distribution Services 
The Group MPP can facilitate, a minimum release of 100 screens, and a maximum release of 1,600 screens for a first initial run for its clients. TGM’s primary objective is PG-13 family oriented films, which are action based with a great story line. However, TGM will consider R-rated films (depending on the subject matter). All projects must have back-marketing/co-branding/product placement plans attached, or TGM will create them to ensure additional revenue streams to recoup from. The advertising of a film consists of a core advertising marketing campaign which includes Television Advertising, Print Media, Radio Advertising, Internet and Website Advertising, Text Messaging and Billboards. What makes the Print and Advertising business so appealing to the sophisticated financier is, it is the last money in, first money out after distributor fees are paid. The fund is collateralized by all of the ancillary markets of the film until it is recouped. If the film in its critical six weeks does not recoup its cost, the outstanding balance will transfer to the Domestic DVD Market, Product Placement /Advertising, Pay Television/Free Television, and International Markets to be recouped in first position. The negative cost of the film does not get repaid until the full recoupment of the Print and Advertising fund is satisfied. The film itself and every projected market it is shown in becomes indebted to the Print and Advertising Fund to be recouped by the revenues and markets where the film will be distributed. This is the most secure investment in the motion picture business.
The Group MPP’s sales agents are capable of distributing your motion picture in over 100 countries. Global exploitation of revenues is maximized via split rights licensing strategy to provide copyright owners maximum leverage in interface with the North American market. TGM is very excited to execute the above stated them for your company. TGM is looking forward to your thoughts and feedback in order that we may move forward together. It should be understood that to create the marketplace you must build an infrastructure which will create demand for your product. With your input and goals we are certain that TGM can meet all of your expectations and bring your products to an increased profitable level.
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