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                                 Consultant Services
When working with a new client, we do our best to get to know the client and company: What is the message that they are trying to convey to their consumers? What are the methods of advertisings they are currently using? What does their brand mean to the everyday consumer? And what is their overall goal?
The Group MPP's core ideology stands for quality over quantity, thus creating a loyal audience in the entertainment industry for your product. TGM will assist you in gaining the respect by distributing stories of a higher caliber through cultivating relationships with our key partnerships, and relationships in the Industry. TGM is the link between filmmakers and exhibitors.
The most important aspect of any movie or television show is the story. The highest caliber actors and directors will not be able to save a poorly written script. A script should be the primary focus of a movie’s development, encompassing an actively moving plot through rich dialogue executed by fully realized characters. The Group MPP, calls the following caveats/prerequisites the "The Group MPP's 10 point viewer market system to “Greenlighting Distribution,” a system created by TGM. The Group MPP's distribution products/packaged and Print and Advertising depends on the quality of the creation and identification of story-driven ideas that act in accordance with researched member demographics and psycho graphics as well as the knowledge, talent and instincts of the production group's Executive Team. The ten-point system that the team follows is listed below: 
1. Does the property deserve to be made?
2. Does it have a market/audience?
3. Is it cost-worthy for the targeted audience/market?
4. Are there clear ancillary windows of revenue?
5. Does the picture have shelf life?
6. Can it win prizes at Festivals, get nominated, and receive critical acclaim?
7. Can the film, based on research and market assessment, return its negative costs and make a 30% percent return on its cost at minimum?
8. Do we have a strong enough package to attract a Co-producer or Joint Venture Partner?
9. Does the package have sequel potential or “back door” TV series possibilities?
10. Have all Merchandising, Soundtrack and Ancillary revenue streams been explored and positioned, and do we have a definitive
Distribution, Marketing and PR (Public Relations) strategy in place? 
The Group MPP will create opportunities of back-marketing and co-branding relationships with various sponsors. This will increase brand awareness of your product. TGM will focus on small to medium advertising markets, eventually increasing to a larger market. TGM will continue to build and brand your product or service making it a household name!  The Group MPP's mandate is to stay within the guidelines of the 10 point viewer market system to maximize each project's potential earnings. We are available to discuss our consultant services with you at your earliest convenience.                   

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